Wednesday, February 28, 2007

There is little more disheartening...

...than a well-formed fully-formatted 'blog entry being lost in the ether of the internet (or Opera bugs, or Blogger-not-Beta bugs).

Yesterday, I spent a lot of money on my mouth. Like, a lot. And not for feeding it, which is what I -usually- spend a lot of money on. I got a permanent crown, and another filling, and spent six and a half hours on a journey that is generally about three, due to a huge-ass accident that closed down the beltway up near Reisterstown Road in Pikesville.

That being said, Dunkin' Donuts coffee is the beesknees, and I got to reconnect with some people I haven't talked to in a while, so yesterday was "a solid win," in the words of J.

I've finally gotten keys to the new place (not that they ever lock it anyway, **facepalm**), and will start moving stuff this weekend, hopefully. What am I most excited about? Can you say cable? Can you say, "Daily Show"? Can you say, "Bravo"? Of course you can. Crappy thing is going to be taking down all of my shelves, lights, clocks, etc. and re-erecting (haha, erect) them in the Hoff. Also, my book collection grows larger each year, and this is no exception, so that's just a few more super-heavy boxes that need moving.

In other news, my butt has finally fully recovered from snowboarding, which was pretty awesome, other than I am not great at it and my butt got bruised to high hell.

Doing the job-application thing for the summer. I know my parents would love to see me home for the summer, but I really want to do camp again, because I am SO much less depresesd when I'm out-of-doors all day. For reals. Here's hoping I hear back from the camp in Ottawa, or, you know, any of the camps I sent info to via

I'd like to apologise to the readership for how not-well-crafted this entry is. My bad. Promise something a little better soon.


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