Sunday, April 15, 2007

Few are the things that cannot be made better by being battered and fried.

So, Brett Dennen is playing at the Recher Theatre on May 11th at 9pm with Animal Liberation Orchestra (who I don't know anything about) in Towson, but I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me. Last concert I went to was Rhett Miller at Sonar with my big bro (excluding all the IlyAimy concerts with J & company).

Also, why do I have a killer sweet-tooth today? I've been reading my new Nigella Lawson book "How to be a Domestic Goddess," but I don't have a ton of ingredients on-hand, so for now it's just looking.

The past couple days I was just weepy. People who know me know that crying is something I do when I feel overwhelmed, it's not neccessarily indicator that OH G-D SOMETHING IS WRONG MAKE HER STOP CRYING! Seeing my dad made me happy, so I wept. Passed by places that reminded me of my ex (who, keep in mind, I'm on okay terms with), and I shed a couple tears. Said goodbye to my dad and cried. My New York Times didn't get delivered and that made me cry. I'm not even sad!

I'm thinking a lot about grad school right now, since i know it's just around the corner at this point (if I choose to go straight out of art school).

One thing that being dooced is affecting is job applications; that is, I have to explain why I was forced to resign as an RA, and that's a hard thing when it still seems unjustified, unfair, and leaves me feeling confused. I feel like I was so dedicated to the job, to my residents. And then I think of the course of events that transpired, and how I felt like I got tattled on, instead of someone coming to me with their concerns. I understand why they did it, I just think it was real low. I'm glad for these experiences in ResLife because I know they will make me a better residential coordinator or house director one day.


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