Sunday, April 8, 2007

Quick recap

Passover seder on Friday was great.

Diversity meeting right beforehand was better (I was sitting mere feet away from Fred Lazarus the IV, who, when we went around the table and introduced ourselves, he, the second person to speak, said "Hello, I'm Fred Lazarus, president" and then I peed a little).

I spent all this time putting together a haggadah then we found literally hundreds mere minutes before I left for said seder, so that was sort of aggrivating.

I've eaten four matzo pizzas today.

I really enjoyed "Sorority Boys" way more than one should.

Am having trouble finding summer employment, boooooooo. Also didn't make Orientation Leader. If I don't get Studio Manager I'm just going to be any old student, TA, and DA next year. I was really looking forward to being able to add some student activities experience to a resume for student affairs grad school.

I ate a mango on friday and now my lips pay the price, by becoming inflamed and beestung-looking and itchy. Rag rug or die!


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