Monday, April 16, 2007

Passive-agressive blogging.

Here's how I feel about roommates who blog passive-agressively:
Blogging may relieve anger, but is no substitution for communication. At worst, passive agressive blogs about other people or intended to hurt or insight rection is pretty cowardly, and also seems to me relatively ineffective. You want me to do dishes more. Okay. So, you could blog about it, then let it stew till you want to have a roommate agreement meeting (when your problem is only with me).

I just can't feel that bad because I am not a horrible apartment-mate. Excuse me if I try to pretend like we're friends, and not just all four of us stuck together because of my own cry-for-help passive-aggressive blogging that got me fired. I'm a pretty genuine person...I don't dislike people unless I have a great reason to do so. What's your great reason? I just was hoping for a little more openness.

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  1. Are you passive-aggressively blogging about the problems with passive-aggressive blogging? ;)


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