Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just can't get ahead

I applied for studio manager for the on-campus residential studio spaces available for weekly check-out to students, and from what I understand the assistant residential coordinator also encouraged one of my former residents to apply, at least. I'm frustrated because I really feel like I need a continued relationship with ResLife, above and beyond Desk Assistant Trainer and Desk Assistant. The reason that I need that continued relationship is that I'm planning on doing Student Affairs for a career.

I know my former resident, she just got hired to the DA staff, and I was actually very surprised she didn't make RA this year. I've got no doubt she could do the job, but she could also do it a year or two from now. And part of me is really excited that she gets this opportunity, and part of me really just wants the job -_-. There just aren't enough students finding leadership opportunities on-campus; There are lots of self-created ones, like the ones that come with working with the student voice association or creating a club, but there are always a lot more applicants for Orientation Leader and Residential Community Advisor positions than there are positions.

I have a feeling in about two years I'll look back with a lot more perspective, but right now I'm just sort of aggrivated.

With the limited time I have at MICA, I'm just trying to make the most of possible experiences outside of my studio work, because I feel like those will make a big difference when it comes to applying to graduate programs in student affairs. And I miss being as active on-campus as I was as an RA and DA and member of SVA... On the plus side, I did get a nomination for student leader for the second year in a row, and my Paschal Seder is in the runnng for program of the year (I think we can pull honorable mention, but I'm not sure all of the competition).

Also, can you imagine the student affairs nightmare that VA Tech represents? Tough times for those residential coordinators, hall directors, and RA's.

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  1. I'm curious why you're thinking of a career in student affairs and not art or design? I think you'd be good at it, for sure, but ... are you worried you won't be able to make enough money?

    Some time ago I heard a speaker who made a huge impression on me. She was a young, very glamorous textile designer who worked for a contract textiles company in Italy. Obviously very well-paid and well-traveled, as well as well-respected.

    She told the story of how this happened. She was a fine arts major specializing in painting; her dad advised her, as dads do, to find a career that wouldn't be so chancy.

    Instead of going into accounting and trying to do art on the side, or taking McJobs to pay the rent and give her more time for art (like I did), she went into textile design.

    She seemed to love her work, and it certainly was creative. I really wish when I was younger that I had tried harder to find a career that would let me do what I loved and be well paid for it.

    So, I just wondered how you'd arrived at this decision.


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