Saturday, May 5, 2007


Nothin' more uncomfortable than sitting in a computer lab next to a colleague who's iChatting with her boyfriend. Seriously, they're just looking at eachother and IM-ing.

Continuing to move out of my studio, blah. Not very fun. Then I've got to pack up my apartment, and figure out what I'm going to want for Estes, Colorado. I gotta say, I'm pretty darn excited about camp. Glad I've got supplies from last summer, it'll make things a lot easier (though I should invest in a new sleeping bag, since mine is real bulky.)

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  1. ok so remember, i'm gonna be giving you a sleeping bag (cocoon-style) rated for 25º, a hiking backpack, and a inflatable air and foam bedroll for under the sleeping back. do you want a forehead headlamp? you have to be really careful with this stuff if i lend it to you it's probably worth a total of over $200. i'll bring the stuff home and leave it there in thousand oaks.


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