Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I do not believe in skin care regimens.

My sister did the Proactiv thing long ago, and somewhere I have a few bottles of them lying around. But you ask me to do anything consistently, and I will look at you like you're crazy. This was especially true for moisturizing and daily sunscreen, until a few weeks ago when one of my fave cheap-o brands (a la Jane and Topaz), Wet-N'-Wild, came out with a couple different lines of skin-care products (Fresh Face, and Fresh Face Acne). But, in this $5 product I found a light moisturizer and sunscreen (not sure how great a sunscreen it is, but if I'm putting it on it's better than nothing) that smells and feels good, and that's a start for someone who's so young that they don't have a regular skin-care habit. It's also not fruity or botanical, and I know a few gents who'd do well to take a little better care of the skin on their face. As for the whole 4-step line-up? If you have a face-wash, spot-treatment, and astringent you like already, or only need one of the above, don't freak out about getting the whole set. These are decent stand-alone products, and I'm reccommending wholeheartedly. Try Drugstore.com or your local Rite Aid, the CVS near me didn't have them.


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