Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cars and baths

Two things I don't realize I missed quite so much until I have them back. Boba tea, trips to the Valley, use of the Prius and its' sweet, sweet XM radio.

Also, I purchased sandals at Nordstrom Rack that has built in bottle-openers. Why do I need one in each shoe? Great question.

I just don't have a lot of prolific blogging to do right now. I'm really greatful to be around so many people who love me, to be able to help myself and others. It's kind of silly, but I do miss Baltimore allready, and my friends there. I wonder if I'll ever be one of those people that can close a book when it's done, move on to the next, and not worry about whether or not they got all they could have out of the first.

And then, of course, I get real-live grown-up opportunities to hang out with very charming, intellegent, witty company, and part of me wonders, what did I do to get invited to the cool-kid table? And, once there, will I be as mature as I am capable, or will I live up to my own capacity for immaturity?

By the way, I am WOEfully behind on my RSS feeds, so I apologize for the lack of links as of late.


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