Monday, May 21, 2007

Shelter animals

Mom and I visited my father down in Los Angeles County at the East L.A. shelter, which used to be a place where they housed dairy cattle, and was meant to be a temporary facility 15-20 years ago. The place is a mess, not room for anything, they've got 50 healthy rabbits with no place in the new facility (that they moved to today, and unpacked, and put animals in, and are open to the public tomorrow). Literally, my dad made decisions to have five animals destroyed while we were there. There were at least two big dogs to a run, five or six or seven little to a run. It was crowded, smelly, vast. And this is one of, what, like four shelters my dad works with in the city? Anyway, kind of crazy, but their new facility is beautiful, if lacking in kitty quarantine and places for the rabbits.

It's definitley a job my mom couldn't do, though. She's too compassionate, too sensitive. Cares too much about each little creature; There's just not room for mom in a place like that, it'd break her heart every day to make those decisions, and my dad does it and can make those decisions pretty easily because somebody's got to.


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