Friday, May 25, 2007

It's like the zoo, but quieter.

(Way to not make this post when it was originally written around 11 AM, Lindsay.)

So, when my museum adventures on Wednesday went awry, I elected to go to the Natural History Museum. I don't know if it was the California or Los Angeles one or what, I've got to be honest.

Also, I got five strikes in a row bowling yesterday. Thanks goes to Karen, my good luck charm. I'm Karen's mediocre luck charm, she got all spares in a row! Hopefully, Karen has learned that it is important to Google Alert yourself. I cannot even tell you how much more common blog talk is IRL ATM, for some reason I've been getting into it a lot, and perhaps that has to do with "meta" and things. Or it's just trendy.

I guess I'mma go outside and wash the Prius after I eat some lunch.

And now, for some random photos from the museum.

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