Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Futuristic raincoat, ho!

In the future, we all wear asymmetrical-zip orange hoodies with taped seams and HellyTech (whatever that is) to protect us from the [acid] rain.

You should probably be more prepared than you are.

Today I visited the good ol' High School @ Moorpark College and Mrs. Simpson (who's married to a man named Sheldon and does salsa, LOVE IT!), and Judy Gould (who always did our professional development with us in high school). They got rid of the grody couch I spent many a before-and-after-school waiting for my ride on, but they have a real-live office now, and it was good to see all. Very wierd to explain that I will be graduating in a year.

Also got to hang out with an old friend, Erick, who, if not in a committed relationship, I would surely pursue. This man has gone weeks without lovin'. This attractive, artistic, romantic guy. He's working on building his credit so he can go to CalArts, which is awesome except it costs more money. But, we mused on relationships and love and lust and art and things of natures multiple and complex. Also, he's a Freemason. Cool, man. Let me know how that works out.

Also hung out with my aunt and uncle, stopped by my cousins' but let's be honest, she is way too high-strung, please remind me never ever to be like that with my children. Please let them get dirty, want for more toys because they don't have all of them, and see their cousins often and not in kid-centric modes. Not everything revolves around children, and the sooner they're made to realize it, the better.

And I'm spent.


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