Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"You sound like you're making a speech"

How does one take a comment like that? Am I too thought-out, too calculated? Am I being political and arguing semantics at this point, just to have something to fight about? Or, have I spent so much time mired in self-reflection and my own myopic viewpoint that I really do have things figured out as well as may happen, and now I talk talk talk instead of making things happen? I also think I probably have said what she said to me to my ex, and I don't recall when or why or what I meant by it, so whole lot of good THAT does me, fallable memory!

Or, does it seem like I'm making a speech in that I'm talking a lot but not saying a whole lot about how I feel or how I've come to the conclusions I've come to? Was our exchange full of talking but not really about sharing? Am I gypping myself, my friends, my family of insight and intimacy in favor of the sort of arms-length sharing that always gets in my nerves in others?

Too long without blogging, where do I pick you up again, little non-journal?


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