Sunday, May 13, 2007

Breif update

I know, I know, a huge blogging slacker. A huge slacker in general, actually, seeing as how my mother has been the most amazing person helping me pack up my apartment and put it into storage for the next 14 weeks. I've been trying to get in a few more hours working the desk at school, and I (stupidly) decided to work the desk from 9 am to noon, so I finished filling out about $500 worth of timesheets and am sorting through hundreds of pages of documents from high school through the present. Really hoping that all of my remaining posessions fit in the minivan my mother rented, because commencement for MICA is on Monday afternoon, and there is simply not enough parking in Bolton Hill to make a second trip something doable.

All the rooms in the 'Hoff are unlocked for contractors coming in and doing work through the summer to create higher capacity bedrooms, so my mom and I went to the apartment across the hall, where we measured my windows for curtains and marveled at the paint everywhere. Thank goodness it will look brand-new by August.

I should really start tackling these papers. Sigh.

OH! I found my digital camera and other bits of technology, which I thought I'd lost in the move. I cannot, however, find my rain slicker, which seems like it's important for this time of year in Estes, CO. Ahh well.


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