Tuesday, March 6, 2007


1) This post is not intended to imply that ResLife at MICA isn't good at dealing with the human nature of students and sensitive nature of artists, I just think sometimes they could do better.

2) And by do better, I mean it makes me really sad to lose my job for the rest of the year AND the rest of my undergrad career, and I wish they'd made a different set of decisions.

3) Milage may vary.

4) Business-like nature of staff this year has allowed for much shorter, efficient meetings, we operate more efficiently than they did last year, etc. So I'm not saying all the changes are bad, and I do think the longer MICA is at it, the better it gets at ResLife and Student Affairs.

5) Whine whine, bitch bitch, moan, get over it, ya whimp! Workin' on it.

6) I was good friends with an RA not-my-own my freshman year, we happened to be in the same Intro Fibers class, and girlie never tried to hide the fact that she was human from me even though I was a resident, and it made me feel trustworthy, and then I confided in her, and we're still bosom buddies and always will be, even if she didn't have chink-less RA-armor.


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