Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yazz Formal

Blogger ate my first post, but I had an amazing time dancing and dining last night at MICA's annual Jazz Formal. I love dancing, I love that I can kind-of lead (though rumor mill has it that I'm now a lesbian; must be the short hair), I love the way I got thrown around the dance floor last night and how much Liz giggled each time I spun her. Photographic evidence above. It was a blast, I looked great, so did my friends, Tabolt has become an awesome dancer, I got matching shoes and handbag at Wal Mart, earrings at H&M, and a dress at The Village for less than $40 total.

Soetimes you just need to get thrown around to a live jazz band, look really really hot, dance till ya sweat, sweat till you slip, slip till ya bleed...wait, nix those last couple. I sort of wish MICA would sell commemmorative dance cards for the Jazz Formal, but I think that's just my 1940's Wellsley girl-wannabe talking. A girl can dream, can't she?


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