Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Commemorative Bedsheet

In honor of the end of my first big love, hacking off all of my hair (twice), I printed this commemorative bedsheet, using my hair as opposed to rubylith or a drawing on vellum or acetate to block the light on the silkscreen when I exposed it. I wish my screen mesh were a little finer, but even at 137 count, there's an interesting quality, wherein the hair sort of emerges, isn't entirely obvious, which I like. There's also something interesting about hair and sheets, because if this was ACTUAL hair, arranged in a repeat pattern, we'd be dealing with a totally different animal. First image above is of the sheet, the second is a close-up of my test prints. I've got one more screen to print, and then I'll be somewhat done with that project, though part of me does beg another part of me to do pillow-shams as well. They'd look great strung up on a line outside.


  1. whoooa. i like that. is there supposed to be a heart-shape in there? if not, really cool that i see one, anyway. XD


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