Friday, March 9, 2007

Funny thing about online journals...

I'm writing this entry as positive reinforcement for continuing to not read the journals of people with whom learning that information is either unneccessary or would be not good for me to read.

It's a funny thing, there's the designated dialer, to protect you from calling an ex out of loneliness, desperation, and often inebriation. But, on the internet, with people's innermost thoughts and feelings at an easy-to-remember address at which to follow your impulses, you can find out things you really didn't even want to know. And there isn't a way to un-do the knowing of things. It's a whole pandora's box opened up when you read another persons' journal. I can hardly deal with the goings-on, subsequent doubts and celebrations, regrets, denials, wants, longings.... I can hardly handle my own life 24/7 sometimes, so what is the point of taking on someone elses thoughts, baggage, misconceptions, and theories?

I can be really prone to act on impulse. Am I finally growing up enough to beat my impulses, to think in the long-term, to know that reading so-and-so's accounts of their perfect life is 1) subject to whatever they chose to write and not neccessarily a reflection of reality, and 2) not good for me.

Which sort of speaks to the need to remember why people blog, why people journal, what the publicity of online journals does to effect the writer's entries. Any related blog theory ideas or articles would be much appreciated at this point.


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