Sunday, March 18, 2007

...On Doocing.

Internet is mildly horrible at best at the station building where my personal art studio is on-campus. And, since I did a ton of prep-work on Thursday-Saturday on my two latest pieces, I'm able to stay in bed with my sunday New York Times.

It is from this contemplative station, and three meals into the day (scrambled eggs and raisin bread toast, palak/saag paneer, with queso fresco substituting traditional Indian cheese, and Spaghetti-O's) that I read my blog-roll, catch up on reading my blogging articles, and Google the phrase, "I was dooced."

One must wonder how I thought I was immune. The following is a list of links, each of which is a fairly well-known or prolific blogger who was fired as a result, directly or indirectly, of blogging.

The list is far from complete, but I'd like to expand upon it as time goes on, sort of as an homage to the phenomenon that almost always ends in the blogger not feeling that bad about venting, the employer seeming pretty petty, and a whole lotta' grown-ups being butt-hurt over what's generally someone's opinion. If I've forgotten anyone you feel needs must be included, please comment and link-at-will!

Note: Out of respect for the self-branding that titling a blog acts as, and lack of publishing of most people's full name and surname on their blogs, I'm listing blog name, not blogger name. Except where Heather Armstrong is concerned. Because, I mean, really. The Dooce herself.

Heather B. Armstrong of Dooce fame (i.e. where the term comes from) was fired from her I.T. job in February 2002.

Raspil, currently of The Noisy Kitchen was dooced at some point in 2002, for something written on another blog of his.

Eclecticism at October 2003. Fired by Microsoft.

Mark was fired from Google in 2004 at some time. His blog is Ninety-Nine Zeros.

Jessica of Washingtonienne was fired from a staff assistant position in Washington, DC in May, 2004.

Erin of Giggle Chick was dooced in June 2004., fired by Friendster, August 2004.

Ellen of Queen of the Sky fired by Delta in September 2004.

Karsh, who writes at Black Gay Blogger, January 2005.

Ambra Nykol, who writes Nykola, dooced January 2005.

Jeremy of Ensight was dooced for "divulging company secrets in a public space" in January 2005.

The Phantom Professor of blog of same name, an adjunct professor at a small private college, was dooced for writing about his bratty students in May 2005.

MEGABLOG at Blogger was a professor at DeVry and was dooced December 2005 for a couple uncited disparaging remarks about the school/paperwork.

Singing Sally of blog of same name, who worked for "a large, bureaucratic, publicly funded institute" (her words), found her blog postings printed, copied, and circulated at the office, culminating in being fired for having opinons on things in February 2006.

Petite Anglaise, an englishwoman living and working in France as a secretary at some sort of firm and a pretty important member of the european blogosphere, dooced April 2006 for "bringing [the] firm into disrepute."

Jessa,, May 2006.

Mr. Fabulous of Pointless Drivel was dooced in July 2006. I'm not sure why.

T.K.O. ...more or less... dooced August 2006.

Reluctant Nomad. No idea when or for what.

There's also an NPR report by Eric Wiener about all these doocing's and bloggers rights.


  1. Hi L,

    Mark Jen here. I was actually fired from Google in January of 2005. You can see the blog post about my termination here.

    Nice collection of people who've been fired for blogging :)


  2. Hey Elle, I didn't delete my blog because I was fired... I just recently had a server accident! It's available at


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