Friday, March 9, 2007

Today was amazing.

Last night on a late-night adventure to the Wal-Mart in Port Covington, Baltimore, the roomies and I got some neccessities, food, etc., and I went ahead and purchased the lovely Meg Ryan and Tim Robbins rom-com I.Q. (1994). I started watching it last night, fell asleep, and finished it this morning with freshly made dried-cherry chocolate-chip popular muffins (variation on the typical Betty Crocker 1969 popular muffins recipe, of my own creation). Once I finally got rolling, some scrambled eggs and another muffin later, and got the roommates up and running, we took a long-awaited trip to Fells Point, in Baltimore.

We took the 13 bus all the way to Wolfe and Fleet Streets, where we were just a couple blocks from our final destinations. Bought cheap bread at H&S bakery outlet, got cilantro and queso fresco at a mexican market, bought fresh tortillas at a tortilleria. It was pretty amazing, there was a lot of bonding with the new girls. I also got a pack of rainbow light Nat Shermans for special occasions. They're lovely, really beautiful, wonderfully packaged.

The girls are pretty open, and that's great for me. The day was full of inside-jokes, insights and explainations, and getting out of the MICA bubble. We finished up as the sun went down, Dominique took tons of photos, Ally ogled the mexicanos. A great day all-in-all, if not particularly productive. But, now that I was dooced, I'm not really as obliged to others. I get to be myself for myself. And while that's really nice right now, I can't say I don't miss my residents.


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