Monday, March 26, 2007

Reading too much Shmuley

I think that the ease of communication between people that occurs naturally, that the two learn to cultivate, is the real basis for long-term partnership. In retrospect, I see that J and I had our differences, and there were certainly times when I could have been more communicative and understanding of my own needs. Instead, I sort of lost myself in him, lost focus on myself.

But, in the end, I hope nothing more than he ends up with someone better for him than I, that he can feel free to be himself. Nothing's harder to watch than seeing him trying to make everyone else happy, but not really being that happy overall right now. I can't wait till he finds himself someone that he doesn't have to be political with (though he will still have to be polite). The last thing we need these days is one more audience to cater to, and someone's partner shouldn't be another person to have to pander to in order to make them happy.

Slowly but surely, I'm learning.


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