Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A year ago today....

One year ago today, I wrote the following:

I can't believe J and I have been going out since Monday night....so, as of tonight we'll be starting our sixth day together. Our first date was Monday, I took Justin out for sushi. We watched movies till we fell asleep together when we got back to MICA.

We've just been spending every moment, waking and sleeping, together for so long, that it's bizarre to think that now J's going to get busy, and I've got to get down to business on Fashion Show, and we're going to see eachother...-not every day-. Today instead of dawdling when we woke up for a couple hours talking, J's alarm went off at six am and he got up to go to the annual boy scout shabbat.

It feels like it's been a month.

Justin took me and a few other MICAns to Sonar to see his sister's band on Wednesday night. Thursday night I met his parents. Surreal...last night we both told eachother that after a couple hours away from one another we felt symptoms of withdrawl. The break hasn't been unproductive, but I haven't gotten a lot of work done.

And then there's also the wrinkle of working together and our roommate situations. I don't want to deprive his roommates or his Residents of his presence, but our relationship is becoming the most important thing to me, which is of course risky. A huge part of me can't even help talking about "us" like we're going to be together for months.

Sort of adorable. So twitterpated, you know?

My throat's SORE, I can't fall asleep (again), and I'm reminiscing. These are dangerous grounds, Elle. All the cable in the world, the reading, sewing, and even studying--can't let me go to sleep.

Looking back on where I was a year ago, and where I am today, I can't help but think I like me better now (sans bitterness). And a year from today, I'll probably think the same. So glad the work's not all about the end of the world anymore, aren't you?


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