Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good morning, Baltimore.

Rag-rugged this morning, looked at design web sites (oh wait still doing that), and am watching Goldmember, which I've never seen. My ex introduced me to the Connery-era Bond films, and Austin Powers only thrils me more than it ever did. So, very exciting here. Tomorrow is MICA's Open House for potential incoming students, so I've been asked to be working in the fibers' department studios tomorrow, which will probably be some printing, and then some more printing (I'm thinking of making commemorative matzo bags for the afikomen for Oy!'s Paschal Seder next friday.)

Big task of this weekend will also be a grocery shopping trip to get supplies for the Paschal Seder. Basically, MICA doesn't have a huge active Jewish population, but Koinonia is the Christian fellowship here, and last year we had a seder during passover and invited them. We ate on the floor, there was barely enough food, but it was REALLY successful, and we're doing it again. As part of preperation for this, we had an egg-dyeing social with Koinonia and let people decorate eggs, invited people to the seder, talked about the menu and requirements of cooking kosher for passover.

There, of course, will be lots of grape juice and kosher Coca-Cola. And matzo ball soup. Also, ridiculously jewish prizes, a large-scale hunt for the Golden Afikomen, and a nomination for Program of the Year. I'm thrilled.


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