Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wii for music lovers

I'm probably not the only individual frustrated at the fact that the Opera browser for the Wii doesn't fully support streaming audio like Pandora or XM Sattelite Radio. After all, if one can do non-keyboard intensive internet browsing or watch YouTube on their telly, then who's to say that we even need computers if Nintendo releases some sort of keyboard for the Wii? That being said, FineTune has a Wii-friendly player at . I'm not particularly familiar with FineTune, but it reminds me a lot of Pandora in that it matches related songs and artist to create a playlist that you'll enjoy, even if you're not a music connesour, per se. The player is very Wii-mote friendly, looks great on-screen, and I'm really excited to have found a solution to my music-listening quandary. You can check out my playlist and profile for FineTune, or add me if you have it (I don't know that I know anyone who does right now), by clicking here.

Wii music info found on LiquidIce's Nintendo Wii Hacks blog, here.


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