Friday, April 11, 2008

Another WFR dream.

I dreamt that my mom and sister and I were visiting a house in Chicago that was turn-of-the-century yet got moved in 1951 and had beautiful gardens and somehow stone and stained glass worked into the foundation. Suddenly, the current owner began having a "heart attack," IE he was doing a scenario and testing me, and I remember doing chest compressions and asking if we had an epi pen since he was losing his airway and I needed to delay death which is what you use epinephrine for, and we had epi, so I pretended to give that to's always strange to do scenarios because there are huge differences between what you do when you're pretending and what you do when someone is actually hurt.

I still think that maxi pads make great trauma dressings.

Did you know that a disposable scalpel is just over $1?

Needless to say, I'm putting together my first responder kit and having a pretty good time of it browsing the Moore Medical site.

Oh! I have an uber-cool date lined up today with this guy Jacob! Let's hope the weather holds out so we can do something outside!


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