Sunday, April 27, 2008

Student leadership award

I know that there are lots of seniors who are more involved in the community, who do humanitarian work, who do amazing jobs at running their clubs and organizations.

But at least in the last three years I've helped continue the existence of the Jewish Student Union at MICA, and that's important, too. Maybe not world-changing, but it has meant a lot to me to create my own fellowship here at MICA.

And there's always being a better student leader during graduate school, and learning to groom student leaders using my experiential education skills.

The yellow and blue honor cord is a Leadership Award which I will be wearing with my graduation gown come a few weeks.

When I get my machine back, I really must make sure to mock up a sweet little peter-pan collar to go underneath my gown. Or a shawl collar.

Maybe just a white blouse with a yellow bow-tie or schoolgirl tie and the woodgrain skirt. We'll see.

Definitely a bright blue wide belt with the skirt though.

Anyway, working on more applications until my shift.


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