Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I have no idea why I get sick all the time.

Maybe it's the stress from finals, but I am snorting Zicam congestion relief nasal spray (PS I hate nasal sprays!), drinking orange Triaminic, and breathing as close as possible to my humidifier, which means in bed.

For some reason, where normally I would be eating lots of matzo ball soup and drinking OJ, for this cold I appear to be on a home-made dumpling kick. Making dumplings is not hard, four parts flour to one part water makes the skin, and one styrofoam take-out container from whatever the hell is downstairs and could be oriental...Quick food this is not, but it's worth it, comforting and warm, and let me tell you I got SO damn good at rolling out those thin little wrappers, my friend Annie Song would have been proud.

Eww, the nasal spray burns and is dripping down my throat in an unpleasant way.

I've got to go to the station building and put together my photography set up in a little bit, I've got some work to do to prepare for a mock interview tomorrow morning. Friday we are going down to Washington, D.C. for the first time this year, checking out some shows with the PERGA crew before final crits next Friday.

I'm sorry my blogging is pretty lazy right now, untagged. I just have way too much to do and on my mind right now to be an even-mediocre blogger.

Ahh, and as for my rice paste resist that I silkscreened? It still needs to be washed out more, we'll see.

(Really, I am very sorry that this post sucks.)

Oh, also, I wish I'd taken some journalism classes so I could work for Gawker. Even though I suck at deadlines, maybe being a pro blogger would make me less of a wannabe-perfectionist about the whole thing.

Clearly, I am on a lot of medication right this second.


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