Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Apparently it's too early in the year in Baltimore to show that much leg.

I went downtown to pick up 27 Dresses from the RedBox near Lexington Market and I suppose that it's just too darn early still to wear the short-shorts because let me tell you, the guys can't keep their comments to themselves with that much of my leg showing. I am really glad that I got a new pair of headphones, because it gave me a reason to ignore them. Not that I don't love guys twice my age making passes at me, or the boost of confidence which counters the miserable feeling of being utterly congested and full of snot that hit me this week. It's just that I don't really know how to respond to come-n's that are not standard. and sometimes include expletives.

I really wish I were all-up-on updating you on my life, but it's the week before the last week of classes, job interview on Tuesday, I'm staying with a friend from MICA's orthodox family in Allentown, PA the night before. I got sick Sunday night, so here's hoping I can shake this thing before the weekend.

Oh! Also, I will be in Baltimore through June 6th for one last little Art History class. Which means I will have a prolonged time in campus housing to go ahead and job hunt from my Baltimore home base. Who knows where I'll end up after then, here's hoping G-d's looking out for me.


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