Sunday, April 20, 2008

Nothing makes me happier than fresh sheets and a well-made bed.

It's finals and I'm overwhelmed but it did have time to wash sheets and make my bed and here is a gratuitous image post of the wisteria I stole from someones fence with my pocketknife while eating a matzo and cherry blossom ice cream sandwich (it was awesome). I also cleared out the space under my Murphy bed so I could take before and after pictures.

I finished listening to one of those cliche chick-lit-cover break up books on CD and I wish I'd had it like a year and a a half ago.

Also I am working on job applications (what's new?) and I may have to say no to this counseling job in Colorado and that sucks because I love love love it there. I have to note that 2008 is not a fun time to be graduating from school, it's not that there aren't tons of ResLife positions (comparatively, you must understand student affairs is a very small field which sounds like something entirely different than what it actually is), it's just that people aren't really vacating low-level openings in an economy as crappy as this one, or perhaps they are waiting to say they are leaving and there will be more jobs open later in the summer for unexpected openings. Either way, I'm not putting all my eggs' in the MICA basket, and I hope I at least get an interview for experience's sake.


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