Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad timing on my Kenmore.

Rainbow sunrise reflected in MICA's new Gateway building.

Whenever I go to the Sears repair center at 41st and Chestnut, I know I will get two things: slow service and the urge to buy discount power tools and TV's. Don't get me wrong, I trust the Sears name, my mom taught me to sew on a 1970's Kenmore and I had that same one till I got tired of lugging a machine that weighed 30 lbs so often. I know that they service everything, pretty quickly, and there is a guarantee on labor for 12 months. I think it cost me less than $60 last time to get my sewing machine serviced (last year). And I'm hard on my machine, I sew harnesses and belting and nylon and paper and other things you're not supposed to sew, I think.

I biked to Hampden this afternoon to bring my Kenmore sewing machine in for repair. I biked the scenic Jones Falls Trail then took a detour through Stone Hill before hitting the Avenue and recalling where I was. My chest is still tight, I didn't take my inhaler with me so I took a nap when I got back and am doing some cooking-cleaning tasks, downloading of podcasts, and working on classwork this evening.

It was about 3 miles. I'm growing increasingly aware that if I don't replace my little Schwinn, I don't have the kind of gears I need to bike around Baltimore. It's too small for me and I wonder if I could get $100 for it--after all, it's got personality and streamers!

I digress. This is not the time for my machine to be broken, but I put off taking it in for too long, when itn too temper mental then it is indeed time. It should be ready in a week, so I'm going to be printing and cutting things out all week.

I should be around Baltimore through the 6th of June, after some more cleaning and GD I'll be filling out more applications, and that's all I can do. For now, though, I am indeed looking forward to my little Kenmore purring like a kitten when I get back. The 3 mile bike ride? Not so much.

Can I say that the Jones Falls makes me want to make a four-hour kayak and a PFD.

Though I gotta say, the new portable commercial-grade Singers are really pretty.

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  1. dude! take the 27! it departs on howard next to the studio center or next to the cultural center light rail stop and it goes all up in the avenue.


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