Wednesday, April 16, 2008

decor8: Emily Barletta

There is a fibers "look" at MICA. First of all, we wear things we make sometimes. We all have a scarf that we wove in our first weaving class. In fact, we wear lots of scarves, draped close to our necks and out of the way of working. We replace buttons and edit clothing bought and found at will with little respect to the person who initially designed or made it.

Yesterday on the design blog decor8 (which I warn posts in large volume and is not necessarily easy or fun to follow, sometimes it feels like work!) was featured a post on an artist /blogger named Emily Barletta. The work looks suspiciously like other works made in my department, so I did a little sleuthing and found that Emily graduated from MICA in 2003, a year after I went to pre-college there when the Fibers department was just a little twinkle in my eye.

Emily is currently living in Brooklyn (of course) and making art, no doubt this plug from decor8 will give her a new audience to market her art to, and I was really excited to see someone from my school getting some great ink. Go, Emily!

decor8: Emily Barletta

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  1. i was reading decor8, saw emily's crochet work, loved it and then was reading the comments on her blogging post and came alllllll the way back to MICA land with you! How's it going? I didn't know you had a blog, or read decor8 or apparently that we are like weirdly linked up. small little mica world.
    <3 laila


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