Friday, April 18, 2008

Sink or swim: Elle Sinks

I just got my second terrible critique from my performance garment instructor this semester. This was supposed to be my final critique, my presentation of the pancake manifesto.

I silk-screened it a half hour before class. I made pancakes. I broke down under my professors' scathing critique (which I don't think I deserved in front of my peers or before the work was responded to), had to take a moment, got passed over and instead got no critique, lost any lingering interest I had in performance-garment work, and am seriously considering saying "fuck it" and going back to bed.

Clearly, performance art is not for me. I suck at it, and I would have been better off spending the past three weeks figuring out how to visually display my travels as blogger and comment on, well, anything, instead of hemming and hawing over something that got me nothing.


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